May - June 2010
Vol. 73 No. 3


Vote no on Measure D in Pleasanton

Halt Oak Grove destruction

The ridgetop where the Oak Grove development would be placed

On June 8, Pleasanton voters will be asked in a referendum whether to approve the Oak Grove development: 51 luxury mansions on ridgetops and in steep terrain in the southeast hills. The Sierra Club urges voters to vote no on Measure D.

Oak Grove would cut up to 43 feet off the tops of ridgelines, ripping out more than 60,000 truckloads of pristine hillside and dumping them on habitat around the property. Luxury mansions of up to 12,500 square feet would then be built on steep land prone to wildfires, landslides, and erosion. Hundreds of fine trees would be cut down. About 80 acres of ridgetop habitat would be lost altogether, and another 150 acres of blue-oak woodland would be disturbed, along with the wildlife they support.

Pleasanton's Planning Commission refused to certify the woefully inadequate Environmental Impact Report, but the City Council's pro-development majority overruled the commission and approved the project. Thousands of residents objected to the project, signing a referendum petition to place the issue on the ballot. The developer responded by launching litigation against the referendum, even suing individual signature-gatherers.

At the last election, Pleasanton voters sent a clear message to developers with Measure PP that ridgetops and hillsides must be protected. But this developer and the City Council majority are once again ignoring the people.

Pleasanton voters shouldn't tolerate such abuse. Please vote no on June 8.