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            Calendar of Events (The online Calendar may have updated events and activites)

           San Francisco Dinners
           Thursday, September 20 "China and Japan: Diverse, Fascinating and Beautiful"
           Thursday, October 18 "The Farallon Islands: San Francisco's Hidden Natural Treasure"

           East Bay Dinners
           Thursday, September 27: "Mongolia: Where East Meets West"
           Thursday, October 25: "Around the World in Seven Months: One Part: The Journey from Beijing to Moscow"

Take Wilderness First Aid classes at Sierra Club Bay Chapter
Come to a special all-day class in Wilderness First Aid sponsored by the Sierra Club Bay Chapter Activities Committee.

Calling on Sierra Clubbers ages 18 to 39!!
Help organize Sierra Club outings and activities for yourself and your peers!

Reception in honor of Mike Daley
Please join us to give thanks for his years of efforts on behalf of the Bay Chapter.

Sierra Club internships - in Bay Area and Washington
Interested in one of the Bay Chapter's conservation campaigns? Want to build your resume experience within the environmental field?

Winter photos
The Yodeler seeks good Bay Area/California winter-outdoor photos for our annual "Winter Outdoors" issue.

Sierra Club California enters blogosphere
Check out the new blog from Sierra Club California.

Yodeler Photo Contest winning photos on exhibit
Visit the exhibition of the winning photos from this year's Fifth Annual Yodeler Photo Contest.

Warming Hut parcel to be protected with easement
Club, land trust protect 23 acres on Donner Summit.

Solo Sierrans Art in the Garden
Come to the fifth annual "Art in the Garden" party at the Oakland home of Elyse Dukatz in Oakland's Fruitvale district.

Eighth biennial State of the Estuary Conference
A Greener Shade of Blue.

Goldman Prize winners speak on illegal logging
Come hear two Goldman Prize winners tell about their experinces combating illegal logging.

Art show for open space and wildlife of Lamorinda
Support the arts, protect endangered species, and have fun, all in one day!

Energy Committee
Energy efficiency: our most effective tool against global warming

Wilderness EMT Upgrade class
For EMTs and other medical professionals.


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