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Keep high-speed rail on track for California
Building a high-speed rail between the Bay Area and So. California is one of the state's most cost effective methods for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the transportation sector.

Tell SF Water to stop abuse at Laguna Honda Lake and hillside
Laguna Honda Lake/Reservoir sits at the base of a hillside, a shank of Mount Sutro, that contains the most undisturbed coastal-scrub habitat in San Francisco.

Is San Francisco mayor flouting traffic law in Golden Gate Park?
San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department has stopped enforcing a 2005 law restricting auto traffic in Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse.

Tennis-court expansion would overcrowd Golden Gate Park
An expansion is being proposed for the tennis courts in historic Golden Gate Park.

Bus Rapid Transit will improve AC Transit's busiest line
AC Transit's new East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is expected to greatly increase passenger convenience and could double ridership on the agency's busiest line.

Solar energy comes to Washington School
On June 20 the Berkeley School Board voted unanimously to begin bringing solar energy to Berkeley's public schools.

Transforming California's future with High-Speed Rail
The largest public-works project in the history of California could bring our state great environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Vote no on SF Measure H - parking brings congestion
If you wanted to increase congestion, energy use, and air pollution, San Francisco Measure H would be the right strategy.

San Francisco and Oakland ban plastic bags
Even fashion industry joins in reducing waste.

San Francisco says no to bottled water
On June 22, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the city government to stop purchasing bottled water for its employees.

San Francisco water plan threatens Tuolumne River, would fuel growth; now is the time to protest
San Francisco is still trying to take more water out of the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park.

Should Lawrence Lab be blowing up uranium in the open air?
The Lawrence Livermore National Lab is seeking a permit to explode up to 5,000 pounds of uranium-238 per year.

Resilient Habitats: protecting the wild from all the usual dangers - and from global warming
Climate change - global warming - gives us new reasons to protect wild places.

East Bay Parks to keep bikes off narrow trail
The environmental community won a small but significant victory for sensible trail usage and enjoyment in our regional parks.

Help cut diesel pollution in West Contra Costa
Address the problem of increased freight transportation and diesel pollution in the West County, and their impact on land use.

Breakthrough with Chevron for Bay Trail to Point Molate
Landfill expansion voided; Environmental Report must be rewritten.



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