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Breakthrough with Chevron for Bay Trail to Point Molate

In mid-July Chevron agreed to help fund revisiting the 2001 Feasibility Study of Bay Trail Routes to the Point San Pablo Peninsula. Till recently the company insisted that security concerns made it impossible to consider a route across its property to allow safe access for pedestrians and bicyclists to the Point Molate peninsula.

The State Lands Commission will put a hold on renewing Chevron's lease for the lands under Chevron's Long Wharf, pending conclusion of the new study. Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi and state Controller John Chiang, two of the three members of the commission, as well as commission staff have sent very supportive communications.

This progress would not have occurred without active community support, including Yodeler readers. At least 250 e-mails were sent to the State Lands Commission and Richmond City Council over the last six months.

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