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The Monterey Shale stretches from Mendocino to Los Angeles. It contains roughly 15,000,000,000 barrels of oil--two-thirds of the total oil reserves in the United States.

Fight Fracking in California

Fracking is a method of extracting oil and gas through blasting huge amounts of water, sand, and toxic chemicals deep into the earth, breaking up rock formations to allow oil and gas to flow up through a well. The Monterey Shale formation, stretching from Mendocino to Los Angeles, contains roughly 15 billion barrels of oil, two-thirds of the total oil reserves in the United States. Oil companies envision short-term profits from fracking the Monterey Shale, but are not addressing the lasting impacts on our water, air, environment, and health.

Specifically, the impacts of fracking include:

  • contaminating groundwater, causing respiratory and neurological illness;
  • releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas;
  • provoking seismic activity;
  • disturbing wildlife habitats and communities.

A bill (SB 1132) has been introduced in the state legislature to establish a moratorium on fracking; for more information see "SB 1132 would halt fracking in California"


Join the Bay Chapter's new Fracking Action Team

The Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter has a Fracking Action Team, sponsored by our Chapter Energy Committee, called "Don't Frack California". We work to stop fracking, acidization, and other hazardous oil and gas drilling techniques that endanger our water, air, agriculture, and tourist attractions. To get involved, contact Aria Cahir and Lora Jo Foo at

Help persuade the Alameda and Contra Costa Boards of Supervisors to Stop future fracking in the East Bay.

Come to our special meeting on "How to Work Effectively With Government Agencies" on Tuesday, June 17.

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