San Francisco Bay Chapter Sierra Club
This legendary chapter of the Sierra Club has been working to protect the environment for 87 years.

Volunteering with the Sierra Club Bay Chapter

If you can spare just a little time, we can promise you it will be well spent. Virtually everything we do is done by volunteers, people just like you. From stuffing envelopes to electing environmentally-friendly candidates, and everything in-between, we have a job that needs doing.

If you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can locate your local chapter at the national Sierra Club website. Please note that if you live on the peninsula south of San Francisco you are in the Loma Prieta Chapter. And if you are looking for beach or trail cleanup, please check our Activity Calendar. You do not need to use this form to volunteer for beach or trail cleanups. Any and all cleanup work sponsored will be on our Activity Calendar.

Thank you for using this form to sign up to Volunteer for the Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter!