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Senator Barbara Boxer - a champion for the environment

Few candidates are more supportive of the environment than U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer. That's why she has the Sierra Club's resounding support for re-election to her third term in the Senate.

A forceful advocate for the environment, Barbara Boxer was first elected senator in 1992 after 10 years of service in the House of Representatives.

Boxer has made a strong mark as a champion of environmental protection. In 1997 the Sierra Club honored her efforts with our Edgar Wayburn Award.

As a senator, she succeeded in amending the Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure that drinking-water standards are set to protect vulnerable children, the elderly, and pregnant women. She has been a leader in removing arsenic from drinking water, blocking oil drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and along California's coast, and revitalizing the Superfund program to clean up toxic waste sites.

In August Sen. Boxer introduced the California Wild Heritage Wilderness Act, which would protect approximately 2.5 million acres of public lands in 81 areas across California, as well as the free-flowing portions of 22 rivers. "The beauty of California is an integral part of our state identity," Boxer said. "This wilderness bill preserves our most important lands, it prevents pollution, and it protects our most endangered wildlife."

Boxer has introduced bills to guarantee full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, to fund the fight against sudden oak death, to provide permanent protection to California's Outer Continental Shelf, and to repeal the luxury tax on electric cars and other alternative-fuel vehicles.

Boxer recently blasted the Bush administration and the federal Environmental Protection Agency for dramatically easing reuse of land containing cancer-causing PCBs through their "new interpretation" of existing law, which since 1978 has forbidden the sale of land that contained PCBs until the contaminant was thoroughly cleaned from the soil. Boxer said, "This reinterpretation poses a serious threat to public health, and I plan to take action to stop this before any PCB-contaminated land transfer sees the light of day." She plans to introduce legislation restoring the original meaning of the law.

Boxer continues to build on her successful efforts to protect the environment, and she deserves our strong support. There are many ways to help her win re-election: make an endorsement, fill out a volunteer card, join Environmentalists for Boxer in 2004, send a contribution, register to vote and, most importantly, vote for Barbara Boxer - in the March primary and in the November general election.

To learn more about Boxer's campaign and how to help, visit her campaign web site or fill out and return the volunteer card enclosed in this Yodeler. For further information, contact Ruth Abbe at (510) 521-0505 or

Meet Barbara Boxer in person at an event sponsored by Environmentalists for Boxer in the board room at Sierra Club national headquarters, 85 Second St. in San Francisco, at 2 pm on Fri., Feb. 27. RSVP to (415) 734-9040 or

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