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Politics & Issues


Volunteer for the Environment!

Vote environment Tuesday, November 4th

Volunteers are needed in San Francisco to fight for Clean Energy and our endorsed candidates for the Board of Supervisors. We also have a special need for help re-electing Jerry McNerny to the US Congress.


San Francisco Phone Banks:

Fight for Clean Energy and Environmental Candidates:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 - 9:00 pm Locations vary. Please email Jessica Hendricks for times and dates near you

For more information about the SF Bay Chapter’s electoral efforts or to volunteer on Election Day, please contact Laura Hahn or by phone at (510) 848- 0800       



President:  Barack Obama!!!!

House of Representatives:
Lynn Woolsey (District 6)
George Miller (District 7)
Nancy Pelosi (District 8)
Barbara Lee (District 9)
Ellen Tauscher (District 10)
Jerry McNerny (District 11)
Jackie Speier (District 12)
Pete Stark (District 13)


YES on Prop 1A High Speed Rail – YES!

Prop 1A would provide $9.95 billion dollars to catalyze the development of the 800 mile High-Speed Rail (HSR) system, and to make improvements to existing rail networks.


YES on Prop 2 -  Humane treatment of farm animals -- YES

Prop 2 would reduce the density of farm animals, and therefore the intensity of the air and water pollution.


NO on Prop 4 Parental Notification -- NO

Would require women under 18 to wait 48 hours before obtaining an abortion, and would require notification of parents or grandparents or permission from the court before proceeding.


NO on Prop 7 Renewable Energy – NO

Contains serious, inherent flaws that could get in the way of achieving its goal of 50% renewable fuels by 2025. Actually works against Sierra Club-backed energy policies that would allow communities to choose the source of their energy. Decreases environmental review of proposed power plants. Harms Community Choice Aggregation.


NO on Prop 10 Renewable Fuels -- NO

Would put California on the wrong road to cleaner vehicles by setting up faulty programs.


San Francisco

Yes on B - Affordable Housing Fund
Yes on H - Prop H will move SF to 100% clean energy
Yes on N
- Close Loophole in Real Estate Tax
Yes on O - Fund our 911 Services
No on P - Mayor Power Grab
Yes on Q
- Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

Board of Supervisors
Keep the environmental majority on Board of Supervisors
Eric Mar (District 1)
Tony Gantner (District 3)
Ross Mirkarimi (District 5)
Sean Elsbernd (District 7)
Mark Sanchez (District 9)
John Avalos (District 11) (first choice)
Julio Ramos (District 11) (second choice)

San Francisco Superior Court
Gerardo Sandoval

BART Board of Directors

Tom Radulovich (District 9)


To view all endorsements of the Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay chapter, please visit:

For nation-wide endorsements by the Sierra Club go to this website .


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