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Ongoing Areas of Activity

The issues that members of the San Francisco Group are working on:

Transportation & Land-Use
The San Francisco supports transportation issues that help induce people to drive less. We support more transit and a better environment for walking and bicycling. We oppose subsidized garages because these just induce people to drive. We support housing with less off street parking because it is posible to live in SF without a car and it should get easier. We support and want to extend the City policy which uses parking fines and fees to support transit.

Redevelopment of Treasure Island/Yerba Buena
We continue to push for environmentally sound future uses of Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands. We want to create wetlands for wildlife and for storm water treatment, encourage a transit-first policy, and encourage sustainable development. We also want to assure public access, and keeping the decision-making process open.

Protecting the Bay and our waterfront
San Francisco Bay is an internationally significant ecosystem and delta that demands diligent protection from in-fill, pollution, wetland destruction, and privatized waterfront access.

Parks, Open Space & Natural Areas
Group activists are helping to preserve and protect open space and natural areas in the City and County of San Francisco. We know that open space in San Francisco plays a vital role in saving endangered species of plants and animals.

Energy Issues
A top priority local campaign! Help us champion San Francisco's opportunity to be a national leader in renewable energy. San Francisco has adopted a "Community Choice" energy plan aims to provide 50% of our local needs with clean energy like wind, solar and energy efficiency by 2017! Help us make this plan a reality.

City Trees
Trees in a City have numerous benefits. They reduce energy costs to buildings by acting as wind breaks and sun shades, they produce oxygen, they absorb carbon dioxide, and they provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other species. Unfortunately, as a result of any city-wide policy on trees, San Francisco has been loosing it's canopy at an alarming rate over the past decade. We are working to stem the continual loss of trees in San Francisco.


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