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This is the homepage of the San Francisco Group - part of the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter. There are over 40,000 members in eight local groups in the Chapter. The SF Group has over 10,000 members who live within the City and County of San Francisco. In these pages you will find information about our local work, local outings, our busy calendar of events and opportunities for our members to participate, socialize and take action.


The SF Group strives to lead the people of the City and County of San Francisco to live more sustainably.  We strive to educate the people and their government, at all levels about what living more sustainably really means. We work with many of the environmental groups in the City and the region with similar aims. We work to improve and expand our open space and natural areas. We work with City agencies to reduce energy consumption in the ways that people: live, work, travel and consume.  We see San Francisco as an example of how an entire urban area can think globally while acting locally. Every policy and effort of the Group must be consistent with the aims of the Sierra Club.


The SF Group is managed by an Executive Committee. Policy is recommended by a Conservation Committee. There are Sub Committees to: discuss in detail; recommend policy and work toward implementation for: Open Space; Transportation and Planning and Political. These meetings are generally open. Continue to Calendar, just below, for the current schedule. Click on Contact/Who's Who, to the left, to find the Committee Chair or an issue of concern that does not have a committee.


2, 2009
Monthly Mt. Davidson habitat work party

It’s time again for our regular “first Saturday” habitat restoration workparty at Mt Davidson with the Natural Areas Program! This is a joint activity between the Natural Areas Program and the San Francisco Group of the Sierra Club.

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