July - August 2014 Hikes & Events
by all Sponsored Marin Group Hike Leaders

(These appear in the Sierra Club Yodeler under "Marin Group Hikes")
Always bring lunch and water. Consider layered clothing, sunscreen and hiking poles.

July 12 Sat   9:30 AM
Mt Wittenberg Pt. Reyes Loop 2B
Enjoy Pt. Reyes in the middle of summer.
Meet: 9:30 am Fairfax Parkade 
(parking lot across from the Fairfax theater). 
Bring: Lunch, Liquids, rain gear. Cancellation: Any rain cancels.Cost: Share gas cost with driver.
East Bay hikers carpool: Meet at 8:30 am at North Berkeley BART station loading zone.
Leader: Jim Bonsey, (510) 527-5345, or jlbj3@netzero@net

August 16 Sat  9:00 AM   
Muir Woods Loop 2B Hike
.Join us to see the baby salmon (about 1 to 2 inches) in Redwood Creek.
Meet at 9:00 at Miller and Locust Ave in Mill Valley (in front of 7/11.)
East Bay hikers meet at 8:00 at the loading zone at the front gate
of the North Berkeley BART station. Leader: Jim Bonsey,
(510) 527-5345 or jlbj3@netzero.net

August 17  Sun  9:00 AM 
Point Reyes/Bear Valley-Glen Camp 3B Hike
 Moderately paced hike (11 miles/1400') through an impressive variety of 
natural environments on Point Reyes. Great coastal views in clear weather.
Cancellation: Any rain cancels. Bring: Lunch, liquids and appropriate layers.
Meet: 9:00 am at Fairfax Parkade (across from Fairfax Theater) to carpool to Point Reyes.
Leader: Paul Glodis, (510) 665-6158, or pglodis @ mindspring.com.

September 27 Sat  9:30 AM 
Bear Valley to the Sea Pt. Reyes 2B hike

Join us on this moderate hike down Bear Valley trail to the ocean. 
Meet 9:30 at the Fairfax Parkade (across from Fairfax Theater).
East Bay hikers meet at 8:30 AM at the loading zone at the front gate of the North Berkeley 
BART station. Leader: Jim Bonsey, (510) 527-5345 or jlbj3@netzero.net

Hikes are graded by a number-letter code indicating length and elevation gain:
Length of Hike
Elevation Gain During Hike
1 - up to 6 miles  A - under 1000 feet 
2 - 6 to 10 miles  B - 1000 to 2000 feet
3 - 10 to 15 miles C - 2000 to 3000 feet
4 - 15 to 20 miles D - 3000 to 4000 feet
(Example: 3B hikes are 10 to 15 miles with 1000 to 2000 feet elevation gain)
Transportation to Trailhead /Cost Sharing

Because of insurance liability, the Sierra Club takes no responsibility for organizing, but does encourage voluntary ride sharing. All trips begin and end at the trailhead, not the initial meeting place. Any carpool arrangements are private agreements between the driver and the passengers. Drivers must carry adequate insurance coverage. Riders are expected as a matter of courtesy to reimburse drivers to cover the transportation expenses of the trip. The Chapter does not recommend a reimbursement rate.  The IRS estimates that the 2008 cost of operating a car is 70 cents per mile. Drivers and passengers are free to settle on an agreed rate.

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